Monday, December 31, 2007


I am all set for New Year’s Eve – day and night.

Like Christmas Eve, I will be spending the day typing W-2s for clients.

As for the evening – I have my frozen cocktail franks, potato skins and pizza rolls, my Ritz Crackers and Temptee Whipped Cream Cheese, a bottle of Jack Daniels (an annual birthday gift from a friend/client) and a large plastic bottle of Coca Cola, and a handful of cigars - so I am good to go (although I am not actually going anywhere)! It will be just me, Nosey, and Dick Clark.

I started dining on hors d’oeuvres many New Year’s Eves ago when we lived in what was then pretty much “the country” in Stirling and Warren Townships, and have continued the tradition ever since.

I haven’t gone out on a New Year’s Eve since the beginning of the 1980s! On purpose – not because I wasn’t invited anywhere. I did my couple of years at Times Square as a young man, so I can say, “been there – done that”.

I remember one NYE in NYC. We were in the crowd on the corner of Broadway and 45th Street. Once the ball dropped we were swept up in a wave and carried toward 42nd Street under the momentum of the crowd. One of my friends fell in the street and the “wave” continued to “flow” over him as he smiled, waved, and called out “Happy New Year” to those walking over him.

BTW, I always know where one of my 1040 clients will be on New Year’s Eve. He works the machinery that drops the ball from the top of One Times Square!

Happy New Year to all!


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