Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Welcome to the very first “Cabaret of Common Sense Advice”!

My Cabaret is somewhat like a traditional Blog “Carnival” in that it contains postings from many different blogs on a similar topic or theme. However, it is different in that, rather than printing whatever posts have been submitted by bloggers, I have personally chosen the posts in the Cabaret from my “wanderings” on the internet.

I will begin the Cabaret with some of my own postings.

+ While the title of this blog is ANYTHING BUT TAXES, I will stray a bit with my post from THE WANDERING TAX PRO on “My Best Tax Advice”.

+ And from this very blog, I will show you that there are times when you can, and should, say NEVER in my post “In Never Never Land”.

And now, on to some common sense advice from others.

+ Laura Spencer, a WORK FROM HOME MOMMA, answers the question "Should You Set Your Initial Price Low to Get Clients?
for WAHMs as well as any other self-employed professional.

+ And speaking of home-based businesses, Mary Emma Allen of HOME BIZ NOTES provides “5 Tips for Success In Your Home Business”.

+ I am a big fan of Jim’s BLUEPRINT FOR FINANCIAL PROSPERITY blog, and often feature his postings on my WHAT’S THE BUZZ and A LITTLE THIS-A postings. He suggests “7 Responsible Ways to Spend Your Holiday Bonus.” I also recommend that you take his advice to “Ignore Personal Finance Experts”.

+ JLP at ALL FINANCIAL MATTERS helps to provide an answer to the question “How Much Mortgage Can You Realistically Afford?"

+ The Silicon Valley Blogger provides “12 Money Moves for Your Year End Financial Checklist” at her blog THE DIGERATI LIFE. I must point out that prepaying real estate of estimated state income taxes may backfire if you will be a victim of the dreaded AMT (and at this point you cannot determine this with certainty) for 2007.

+ Trent at THE SIMPLE DOLLAR provides some good advice in “Facing A Difficult Personal Finance Decision (Or Other Major Decision)? Try These Seven Techniques"

+ JD over at the GET RICH SLOWLY blog gives some timely holiday advice in his post “The Pros and Cons of Gift Cards
+ Kevin Geary over at CHANGE YOUR TREE advises you to “Teach Your Children The Four Basics of Smart Money Management
+ David of MY TWO DOLLARS rounds out the Cabaret with his post “Make A New Year's Resolution To Get Organized - A Step By Step Guide
”. He advises “Whether it be your finances, your house or your life in general, getting organized can only make things better.” This is especially true when it comes to your tax records!
So there you have it – an even dozen postings of common sense advice.
While I have your attention – do you know that I am hosting a contest here at ANYTHING BUT TAXES? Click here to find out more!


My Two Dollars said...

Pretty cool, thanks!

WorkFromHomeMomma said...

Thanks for including my post in your cabaret! It's amazing how uncommon "common" sense really is.

The Digerati Life said...

Hi there, thanks so much for including me in your list! First time visitor :).